Cathodic Protection

(a) Turnkey projects involving design, detail engineering, supply of materials, installation, supervision and commissioning.
(b) Entire range of surveys such as CIPS, DCVG, CAT & Pearson
(c) Monitoring & Maintenance of CP systems

Specialized Studies & Technical Consulting Services

Specialized studies comprise AC and DC interference detection and mitigation, corrosion monitoring and pipeline integrity assessment. This includes software modelling for AC interference detection on pipelines that run in proximity to high voltage overhead AC power lines to predict the possible presence of hazardous AC influence from the perspectives of safety and corrosion. Based on the results of the study, technically effective and optimized mitigation measures are proposed. Corrosion monitoring involves supply of ER probes and readers for real time assessment of corrosion rates. Pipeline integrity assessment entails a systematic study of the various aspects related to pipeline integrity. Technical Consulting Services comprise CP system checks/audits and CP interference related issues.

Non-Destructive Testing

Panoramic x-ray radiography using crawlers, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing and dye-pen testing.